Sara Myers

Marketing Coordinator

Originally from the St. Louis area, Sara graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BA in Theatre Studies, emphasis in management.
Upon graduation, she was given the opportunity as Stage & Production Manager for an international touring play.
Life eventually led Sara to Phoenix, Arizona, where she worked in various capacities with Valley Youth Theatre, Arizona Opera, Phoenix Convention Center & Venues, and TicketForce.
She also holds an MA in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art & Design, and is affiliated with INTIX, IAVM, and TCG.
After a decade in the desert, Sara returned to her hometown for two years. She is glad to be back in DeKalb for this opportunity to work with her former professor, Tracy Nunnally, and old NIU mate, John Moore.
Sara is also a polyglot, proud aunt, one-liner maven, and has an eye for finding hidden items in antique stores.
In her spare time, Sara enjoys reading, traveling, exploring local fare, and catching up on the music of the early 00's to which she previously refused to listen.