Audrea Cannon

Flying Director

If there’s anyone who’s always looking for the next challenge, it’s Audrea!

Growing up in Kokomo, Indiana, Audrea was involved with the Family Career and Community Leaders of America. Growing up, she was the definitive Class Treasurer except her junior year when her running opponent won the class over by bringing them all brownies.

Her first experience working in theatre was playing Sheep from Charlotte’s Web at a community theatre. At Tri-Central High School, she worked as an assistant stage manager for her high school’s productions of Beauty and The Beast and West Side Story, and was an active member of student council, and both the band and choir departments.

When she began studying at Indiana State University, she began her higher education by focusing on playing the clarinet as a Music Education major, but switched to Technical Theatre during her sophomore year after bonding with a mentor over sour gummy worms. She was the parliamentarian of her university’s Theta Alpha Phi National Theatre Honors Fraternity chapter, and worked as a stage manager for the university’s productions of Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, among many others.

In 2012, she spent a summer studying abroad in Italy at the Florence University of the Arts, taking courses in music and history. She was a carpenter in the scenic studio. “Any time you broke something, you took a picture with it in the Corner of Shame,” she recalls with a smile.

Audrea graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Technical Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management and a minor in Music. The following year, she joined Vertigo™ as the company’s first female Flying Director. Before accepting the job, she worked as a technician for Cedar Point’s Luminosity.

In her spare time, Audrea enjoys hiking, kayaking, sleeping (when she can find the time), and spending quality time with her coworkers.