Special Events

If you're looking to captivate your audience with special effects, let Vertigo help! We supply performer flying effects for special events of all kinds. No matter the venue, theme, or event size, Vertigo will provide the custom effects to suit your needs.

Glory of Christmas
Northridge Church

Machine Gun Kelly
NHL All-star Game, Las Vegas

SpaceX St. Jude Splashdown Party

Flying Props

Does your event require a custom flying prop, a performer platform, or something totally unique? We have flown a multitude of large-scale props, and we would love to work with you to create a custom prop to suit your event’s needs. Visit our props page to learn more!
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How It Works

Our Flight Attendants will guide you through the entire flight process from estimate to return shipping.


Get An Estimate

The first step is to fill out our estimate form. Our Flight Attendants will use that information to help you choose an option that works best.

Let's get your show in the calendar–it fills up quickly!



We want to know what flights you dream about! Performer flying effects make the best impact when they are tailored to the artistic vision of the production. Our Flying Directors will collaborate with your team to make sure your effects will work for your show and venue.


Learn to Fly

Our awesome Flying Directors will travel to your venue, install the equipment, and spend the next few days teaching, training, and rehearsing with your crew and performers.



Have a Great Show

Dazzle your audience, just as rehearsed! If you have any questions, we're always here to help. After your final bow, strike the equipment (we show you how!), pack it into its containers, and it ships back to us.