When Should I Contact A Flying Effects Company?

When Should I Contact A Flying Effects Company?


Written by Vertigo's Customer Service Staff | Many productions come to a crossroads when someone asks, “how do we include flying effects in our show?” Answering the following four questions will help determine the right time to contact a flying effects company:

When Is Your Show Opening?

For a standard production, you should make initial contact with the flying effects company at least four months before your show’s opening date. For shows during the busy holiday season, contact a flying effects representative even earlier.

Where Is Your Show Opening?

If your show is opening in a different country from the flying effects provider, or opening at a nontraditional venue (ex. an outdoor theatre, a hotel lobby, a one-room schoolhouse, a basement, an aerial studio), make contact even before the recommended four-month mark as additional planning may be needed.

What Type Of Show Are You Producing?

Any show can have flying effects, but it mostly depends on the story you want to tell. Do you want to produce an original piece? Is it a Disney show from MTI? Many flying companies will be happy to provide classic effects in addition to providing artistic input if requested.

Contact a representative as soon as possible — the earlier, the better. If you’re mounting a production that may require a special flying system, you may have to schedule some extra time to install or rehearse with the flying system.

What’s Your Production’s Budget?

Being aware of your budget will help you talk about how a flying effects company can tailor to your production’s needs and help provide cost effective options. A wise idea is to ask for multiple estimates from different flying effects companies as soon as possible, as they are always free and any company is happy to create one for you.

After you get an estimate, the best thing to do is to have a discussion with the company on what’s affordable for your show, considering there may be important variables that influence the cost. Every show is different, but the longer you wait to book flying effects, the more expensive the bill can become: travel expenses, ensuring gear is available, booking the dates, and shipping all add onto the ultimate cost.

The Takeaway

• Contact a flying effects company as soon as you are considering a flying show.
• Allow extra time, if your venue is nontraditional.
• For unique flights or an unoriginal script, allow plenty of discussion time with your flying company.
• There’s a wide range of variables that affect the costs of flying effects. Contacting a flying effects provider early in your process can help you understand these variables, allowing you to work with your flying effects provider to get the best value for your budget.