About Us

Educators. Artisans. Storytellers.

Vertigo™ is the only flying effects company founded and headed by professional educators. Our company was formed through a strong commitment to education, research, and training in special effects rigging, and our growth and success can be attributed largely to our continued dedication to safety, innovation, and collaboration.

• • •

Formerly named Hall Associates Flying Effects, Vertigo is the first company (and only sustaining company) to sponsor annual workshops on flying effects by the North American Association of Flying Effects Directors. Our annual TOP Flight workshops have been held in many locations across the country, and attended by current and prospective employees of each of the major flying companies, Hollywood stunt men, and employees of companies such as Cirque du Soleil and Disney. Our dedication to training and education is not limited to the classroom. Our highly qualified flying directors frequently conduct workshops and speak to students at all levels about theatre technology, rigging, and special effects.

• • •

Vertigo is an international member of the entertainment industry – a collaborator, crafter, and provider of safe flying effects and rigging for events around the world. Our team is composed of dedicated solution providers who share a passion for exceptional aerial creativity. The Vertigo team members strive to collaborate with each client to ensure that the director’s vision is supported by the flying effects. Our primary goal is to provide safe, reliable special effects rigging in a calm and collaborative environment and we approach every project from a unique angle to craft compelling effects for our clients.